Where's My Water? App Reviews

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A must have!

Addicted !




This game is so good

Tip top

Fan <3


Très bon jeu!

Very good

A lot of fun


Short levels, great experience!

Where is my Water is GREAT !!!

Im not a game addicted, but WHERE IS MY WATER is the best game Ive ever played.

Very fun

Fun, but the game is divided up in many individually purchased packages instead of a single purchase

Top apps

One of my favorite games! For those who like to use the brain this is the app! No complaining :)


Excellent! Addicting!!! Mind challenger! Go ahead and buy it!


Game is good for physics, physical states and keeps attention.


Great game but when is it ever going to update NEW LEVELS?

Love this app


Pleasantly surprised

I really like this game! I was expecting something quite easy for my kids. Its actually pretty challenging at times. Great game :)

Great but needs more levels

This is a really cool game but Disney needs to spend more time making more Swampy levels instead of making PAID(!) upgrades and boringly un-Disney related games like Checkout Challenge and awful clones like frozen free fall.

Needs more levels!

Wish there were more new levels Ive redone them all so many times now love this game!



I h8 Disney now thanks

This review is about avengers initiative WHAT THE CRAP!!!! I paid for that game I paid like 5 bucks on that but nooooo you just had to stop letting us play all of us paid money that we wont get back this is the last time I buy anything from Disney this is the second time Ive wasted money on some stupid app and couldnt use the stuff i paid ( the app said that you Disney wouldnt keep funding it and that we were valued but I guess not) now this app with have to suffer the price for its crime and yours You have stolen money from us THIS IS A CRIME DISNEY YOU ARE CRIMINALS


Very enjoyable game

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