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Love the game but...

The new update is terrible and needs to be fixed. I cant scroll fluently which messes up gameplay

Layout errors

Little changes in formatting(possibly) have caused certain levels to become impossible to beat. A3-11, the poison water cannot hit the correct angle to get across the bombs like in the past so you cant get past it.

Broken level, impossible to progress

A3-11 is broken with latest update and impossible to progress past. Cannot progress through game in current version

This is getting into my nerves!!

The game is OK, but there are some things that require for you to touch the corner of your screen and when I do that, the other windows pop up. I would love to have a refund if it was possible.

Where is my water

What a fun game, use creativity and mistakes are entertaining. It is an addicting game

Ruined by Corporate Greed

This was an amazing game that was ruined by greed. To get from one level to another you used to be able to watch videos, thus earning revenue for Disney, and that was fine. I was happy to commercially support Disney for this great game. Good plan. Apparently that was not enough for the House of Mickey though. They now require you to pay for new levels. Every new level is sold at .99. Dont waste you time or money on this. Sad really.

Please fix level A3-11!!!!!

I love this game but there is no way to beat this level.


Love this game. Its my favorite. Totally worth a buck!!

Stuck at A3-11

The new update has bad scrolling and bad movable blocks. I love this game please fix it. And plus I cannot pass at all level A3-11 because the acid doesnt flow smooth but jumps right at the bomb before the update that did not happen.

Not worth it

The game is fun, but having to pay to play more levels after buying the game feels very cheap. If this was initially free Id feel more charitable towards this game.


Its a blast!

New Levels

When are you going to add more levels?

Choppy play

Its difficult to play this game after this update because the scrolling is choppy making it difficult to play.

Thank god

Ive been waiting for this update for 3 years now. This game has gone from stagnant to useless. Thankfully this is another code update. Whew

Scrolling choppy last update

The last update introduced choppy scrolling during gameplay.

So much fun!!

I love this game!!! Just wish they would come out with some new levels!

Great game

I love wheres my water! Challenging but not impossible, great stuff.


Wheres My Water is a good game.There are lots of levels to beat.


This game is challenging and addicting. Hours of fun.

Crumdys story

Should that be the name to the 4th gator or some thing else? Any way Crumdy needs help to make fernachre made of stone but all he has is alge! Maybe you can give some green ozze to him! Give like 5-6 stages!

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